NEXON_PORT benefits

The web based system is accessible anytime, anywhere, enabling quick administration without queuing. User friendly pages make administration work much easier for employees.

Though employee involvement, the self-service system enhances internal communication and the efficiency of HR administration processes, improving the employees’ engagement.

  • Work time and cost saving

    The system is available 24/7, the employees can manage their HR matters independently, on-line whenever and wherever it is suitable for them. Both queuing in front of the HR department and running around with papers are eliminated.

  • Up-to-date employee data

    Using the self-service portal, employees can review and check their own personal data. If changes are needed, they can submit these on-line to the HR department, thereby ensuring that data is up-to-date and correct.

  • Improving internal communication

    HR can apply processes to employees either individually or as defined groups. These processes and associated form filling tasks are notified automatically to all concerned, with status tracking.

  • Compliance with Hungarian regulations

    NEXON_PORT complies fully with Hungarian regulations and is continuously updated.

  • Intuitive user screens

    Use of NEXON_PORT can be learned quickly and very easily. The use of intuitive page design means that even those not used to pc’s can easily use the system.

  • Access employee profile 24/7

    A benefit of the web based system is that the information is available anytime, anywhere. Employees do not have to take into consideration HR’s office hours, and HR staff do not need to work multi shifts.

  • Standardized HR processes

    NEXON_PORT eases the everyday work of HR people, by simplifying customer support. Employees can manage their HR administrative tasks easily, quickly and at any time.

  • Supporting managerial HR tasks

    Managers can carry out their HR tasks quickly and easily. Self-service reporting means managers can access employee data without involving HR.